DrumThrash Drum Machine

DrumThrash Drum Machine Software - is an audio creation tool that lets you produce realistic sounding drum tracks. Easily create, edit, and arrange drum patterns. Mixdown your tracks and import them into your favorite multitrack program or share with friends.
DrumThrash Drum Machine Software

Drum Machine Software for pc

A stand alone Drum Machine software for pc that offers a simple layout style.
Designed with workflow in mind so that you can build drum tracks fast. Most of the tools are right out in the open without having to dig around endless menu's looking for a tool.

Create backing tracks for guitar and bass

Great tool for any guitarist or bassist needing to create quality drum backing tracks. Also works great as a metronome to keep yourself in time. Make drum loops with different timings to practice with or build full length tracks for your album.

Drum tracks created with DrumThrash Drum Machine

You can also check out the demos on the DrumThrash Youtube channel. The audio quality in the Youtube videos will be lower than Soundcloud.

Program Features

Multi-sample support

Create realistic sounding beats with multi-sampled drum packs.
Using Multi-sampled drums allows for a random sample to be chosen for each hit. DrumThrash includes a high quality sample pack that also comes with six kicks and snares so you can quickly change out samples to give your beat a different feel. Supported audio formats WAV, MP3, OggVorbis.

Odd time signatures

DrumThrash has a wide division range allowing you to create virtually any time signature. Add up to 256 tempo changes per measure. Odd time signatures are not a problem.

Random hit velocities

Set random velocity ranges.

Full velocity control

Adjust velocity for each hit.

Full pan control

Stereo pan control for each hit.


The quantize function along with the random tick option allows you to quickly humanize patterns. See the quantizing section in the help guide to see how humanization works in DrumThrash.

Automatic choke

Use automatic choke to close instruments. Easily assign a hi-hat pedal to automatically close off an open hi-hat. Below is a example of before and after automatic choke has been applied to hi-hats.

Add patterns to a song list

Build up a pattern library and reuse them in any order in a song list for sequential playback.

Customize your own drum kits

Build kits any way you like. Use the included audio samples or import your own.

Swap samples on the fly

DrumThrash makes it simple to change entire sample groups within a kit.

Swing time beats

Set swing percentage.
Change straight beats to swing with one click.

Export to WAV file

Export instruments to separate WAV files or to a single WAV file. Export to WAV at up to 96KHz, 32bit.

Adjust hit length

Adjust the playback length of any hit.

32bit playback

Playback in high quality 32bit. Included samples are 48kHz at 24bit.

Midi files

Import and export midi drum files.


Full undo/redo support.

No Limits have been set

Virtually unlimited number of patterns, samples, measures and tempo markers.

Share your patterns

Great care was taken to ensure that DrumThrash pattern files were shareable with other DrumThrash users. If you would like to share a pattern or song with the community please post on our forum.
We are excited to here what you create with DrumThrash.

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