Arranging a song
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Arranging a song

The song list is used for sequential playback of patterns from top to bottom. You can arrange and reuse patterns in any order.

Every pattern in the song list also exits in the pattern list.
Click the Song tab in the Function panel to display the song list.

Song Mode
Song Mode - Left to right
Loop checkbox - Loops the current pattern continuously.
Pattern name - The current pattern name.
Start - Measure to start playback.
End - Measure to stop playback.
Repeat - Repeat the pattern n times before continuing down the song list.

Song Mode right-click menu
Add Pattern - Adds a new blank pattern to the pattern list and song list.
Available Patterns - Adds a pattern from the pattern list to the song list. 
Rename Pattern - Rename the selected pattern.
Move Up - Move pattern up in song list.
Move Down - Move pattern down in song list.
Clear Pattern - Clear the selected pattern.
Copy Pattern - Copy selected pattern to a new pattern.
Remove Pattern - Remove the selected pattern from the song list.
Delete Pattern - Delete the selected pattern from all lists.
Save Pattern - Save the selected pattern to file. "See" Save Pattern
Import Pattern - Opens a pattern file and adds it to pattern list and song list. "See" Import pattern
Import Midi - Opens a midi file and adds it to pattern list and song list. "See" Import Midi

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