Choke Map
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Choke Map

The Choke Map allows you the assign a group to stop another from playing/ringing out. You can assign groups to choke other groups or even choke a group with itself.
Chokes can be useful for many instruments. ie. Hi-hats chokes, cymbals chokes or even tighten up snares and toms.

Click the Kit View graphic button and select Choke Map from the dropdown menu. "See" Kit Views

Choke Map view

To choke a group with another select the group you want to assign as "closed" then click the checkbox next to the group you want to assign as "open".

Closed groups are indicated by a yellow "C".
Open groups are indicated by a green "O".
To get a better view of choking you can click the Visual Hit Length  graphic on the View toolbar. "See" Setting the view

Choke Map ex1

In the picture above the closed hats are choking the open hats preventing them from ringing out.

The "open" groups will choke automatically upon clicking a paired closed.

You can adjust the time before cut-off using the Controller panel or by using the Length tool graphic . "See" Controller panel Length View and Tools

Choke Map ex2 - Using choke Map with Cut View

In the picture above the second open hat has been relieved 50% from their initial choke point.