Controller panel Length View
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Controller panel Length View

The Length View allows you adjust playback length of a sample. Use the Controller panel to adjust the time that the cut-off takes place. You an also adjusted sample length by using the Length tool "See" Tools

To display sample length in the Controller panel right-click on the Controller panel and select Length View.

Controller panel- Right click menu
To get a better view of sample length you can click the Visual Hit Length  graphic on the View toolbar. "See" Setting the view

Cut-View ex1 - No length cut

Left click on the Controller panel and drag the bars to adjust the time before cut-off. The values will be shown in the left panel.

Cut-View ex2 - 50% length cut

In the picture above the open hat will only ring out 50% of its original length.
Use the Selection Tool graphic from the Tools Toolbar to adjust selected hits. "See" Tools

The Choke Map allows for automatic choking of groups. "See" Choke Map

Controller Lock - The Controller Lock is used for Velocity, Pan, and sample length. "See" Controller panel properties