Controller panel Tempo View
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Controller panel Tempo View

DrumThrash supports tempo changes at any division.

To show tempo markers on the controller panel right-click on the controller panel and select Tempo View from the menu.

Controller panel- Right click menu

To create a new tempo marker right-click on the controller panel and select New Tempo Marker. 
Your cursor will change to a pushpin. graphic

To place the tempo marker left-click on the controller panel at the division where you want to place it. To change divisions use the Quantize toolbar. "See" Quantizing and Quantize User presets

The new tempo marker will also be displayed in the Controller properties panel on the left. "See" Controller properties panel

You can adjust a tempo by left-clicking and dragging the marker up and down or by double-clicking on the tempo in the left panel.

Controller panel - tempo view

The left panel shows the measure and tempo for each marker.

To cancel a new tempo marker press the "Esc" Key.

Tempo markers are also displayed on the Time ruler in teal.

Time ruler

Free tempo markers - Allows tempo markers to be moved freely to the current division set. "See" Quantizing and Custom Division

To enable Free tempo markers click the Free tempo markers graphic button in the controller properties panel.

Controller panel - Free Tempo markers

Left-click and drag to move the tempo markers.

To delete a tempo marker right-click on the tempo marker you want to delete in either the left or right panel and select Delete Tempo Marker.