Controller panel Velocity View
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Controller panel Velocity View

The Velocity View is useful for accenting hits for instance the one beat or down beat. It's also helpful for adjusting snare rolls and fills.

To show hit velocities in the Controller panel right-click on the Controller panel and select Velocity View from the menu.

Controller panel- Right click menu

If Groups is selected in the Controller menu then you will need to select a group in the Kit panel for it to show up in the controller panel. Select All Samples from the menu to see all hits in the controller panel.

Left click on the Controller panel and drag the bars to set hit velocities. The values will be shown in the left panel.

Controller panel Velocity View.

You can also use the Velocity Tool graphic from the Tools Toolbar to adjust hit velocities. "See" Tools

Use the Selection Tool graphic from the Tools Toolbar to adjust selected hits. "See" Tools

Controller Lock - The Controller Lock is used for Velocity, Pan, and Cut-offs. "See" Controller panel properties

To Display velocity bars on hits in the event panel click the Show / Hide Hit Velocity graphic  from the View toolbar. "See" Tools and Setting the View