Controller panel
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Controller panel

The Controller panel is used to adjust hit velocity, hit pan, sample Length and pattern tempo.

Right-click on the Controller panel to choose a view.

Controller panel - Velocity view

Use All Samples to display all samples hits in a pattern or select Groups to display only hits within a selected group.
The "G" or "A" in the upper left corner of the Controller panel indicates whether values will be changed for individual Groups or All groups.

Controller panel- Right click menu

Velocity view - Displays hit velocity view. "See" Controller panel Velocity View
Pan view - Displays hit pan view. "See" Controller panel Pan View
Length view - Displays hit Length view. "See" Controller panel Length View
Tempo view - Displays tempo view. "See" Controller panel Tempo View
All Samples - Displays all samples.
Groups - Displays the selected group only.
Lock - Enables/disables the Controller Lock. "See" Controller properties panel
New Tempo Marker - Creates a new tempo marker.
Delete Tempo Marker - Deletes a tempo marker.