Creating a beat
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Creating a beat

To create a beat you first need to have a kit loaded "See" Creating Kits and a pattern added to the pattern list or song list."See" Creating a pattern and Arranging a song
Make sure the Hit tool  graphic button is selected from the Tools toolbar - "H key ".

Select a division from the Quantize toolbar."See" Quantizing

You can go ahead and start playback from the Action toolbar if you want to edit live.

Play / Stop graphic "Spacebar ".

Left-click in the Event panel to add hits.

Clicking on the parent row of a group will pick a random sample within the group.

If variable hit velocity graphic is enabled a random velocity will be chosen for each hit. "See" Tools
If Snap to grid graphic is enabled clicked hits will always align to the nearest division to the left. When snap to grid is Disabled the hit will be placed where you clicked.

Expand a group to choose a specific sample.

Here is a simple 4/4 time beat. The current division is set at 1/4.

The yellow bars on the hits indicate the velocity level for each hit.

Show / Hide Hit Velocity graphic  will show or hide hit velocities.

If you want to see the actual playback length of the hits click the Visual Hit Length graphic button.  "See also" Setting the view

To add or delete measures use the Action menu or the plus and minus on the Action toolbar.

Add/Delete measure graphic adds or deletes a measure from the current pattern."See" Toolbar Layout

Loop Song graphic  Enables or disables looping of the song list."See" Toolbar Layout

Event panel - Right-click menu

Tools - Displays tools. "See" Tools
Delete Hit - Delete the hit that was right-clicked.
Clear Measure - Clear the measure that was right-clicked.
Clear Pattern - Clear the current pattern.
Cut - Cut selected hits.
Copy - Copy selected hits to the clipboard.
Paste - paste copied hits.
Delete - Delete selected hits.

To delete a hit right-click on a hit and select Delete Hit or use the Eraser tool from the Tools toolbar. You can also delete a hit by right-clicking on a hit while holding the Ctrl key.

The Selection Tool can be used to delete multiple hits. "See" Tools