Creating a pattern
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Creating a pattern

To create a new blank pattern right-click on pattern list or song list in the Function panel and select Add Pattern from the menu.

Pattern Mode
Pattern mode - Left to right
Loop checkbox - loops the pattern continuously.
Pattern name - right-click to rename a pattern.
Start - Measure to start playback.
End - Measure to stop at.

Pattern Mode right-click Menu
Add Pattern - Adds a new pattern to the pattern list.
Rename Pattern - Rename the selected pattern.
Move Up - Move pattern up in pattern list.
Move Down - Move pattern down in pattern list.
Clear Pattern - Clear the selected pattern.
Copy Pattern - Copy the selected pattern to a new pattern.
Delete Pattern - Delete the selected pattern from all lists.
Save Pattern - Saves the selected pattern to file. "See" Save Pattern
Import Pattern - Opens a pattern file and adds to pattern list. "See" Import Pattern
Import midi file - Opens a midi file and adds to pattern list. "See" Import Midi

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