Creating kits
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Creating kits

DrumThrash supports multi-layering to combat the robotic feel of programmed drums. When grouping instruments together or "multi-layering" a random hit will be chosen from within the group.

To create a new group for your kit drag one or more samples files from the Files Manager to the Kit panel. "See" Importing Audio and Files Manager

Kit panel

New group dialog

Type in a name for the group.

Pick a group color from the list.

Group name and properties can be changed later from the Properties tab in the Function panel.  "See" Kit Properties

To manage the kit right-click on a sample or group in the Kit panel.

Kit panel - right-click menu

Solo - Solo a sample or group.
Mute - Mute a sample or group.
Collapse All - Collapses All groups.
Expand All - Expands All groups.
Move Sample up - Moves sample Up.
Move Sample Down - Moves sample down.
Move Group Up - Moves group up.
Move Group Down - Moves group down.
Remove Sample - Removes sample.
Remove Group - Removes group.
Randomize Group Hits - Randomizes the group hits for the selected group and current pattern.
To save a the current kit to file click the Save Kit graphic button from File Toolbar or File menu. "See" Save Kit
To load a kit file click the Load Kit graphic button from File Toolbar or File menu. "See" Load Kit

The Files manage can also be use to load kits. "See" Files manager