Import Audio
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Importing Audio

Supported audio files are - wav, mp3, or OggVorbis.

To load samples into DrumThrash you first need to browse for a folder containing the audio files.

To import an audio folder select the Files tab to display the Files Manager then right-click in the top portion of Files panel and select Import Folder. "See" Files Manager

The newly imported folder will be displayed in the top panel and the contents will be displayed in the lower panel.

Click on a sample in the lower panel to hear it play.

Files Manager

Files tab right-click menu

Import Folder - Browse for a folder containing wav, mp3, or OggVorbis files.
Remove Folder - Removes an folder from the Files Manager.
Refresh - Refreshes the Files Manager.

After Importing an audio folder you can start creating kits."See" Creating Kits