Kit properties
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Kit Properties

The Kit Properties tab displays group and sample information.

To create or load kits. "See" Creating Kits, Save Kit, Load Kit and Files Manager

Select the group or sample in the Kit panel that you want to display properties for.
The pattern list or song list is displayed in the lower portion of the panel depending on which playback mode DrumThrash is in. "See" Creating a pattern

Kit properties tab

Function tabs - "see" Function panel
Sample name - The selected sample name.
Volume slider - Used to adjust group and sample volume.
Pattern/Song List - Displays the pattern or song list depending on the current playback mode. "see" Playback Modes
Group name - The selected group name. To rename a group double-click on the group name.
Group color - Click the dropdown to change the group color.
Midi instrument - Used for importing and exporting midi files. "see" Import Midi and Export to Midi and Midi Map
Show Volume button - Displays all group and sample volumes in the left portion of the Kit panel.
Solo Button - Solo a group or sample.
Mute Button - Mute a group or sample.