Menu Layout
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Menu Layout
·     File Menu
New Project - Opens the New Project dialog. - CTRL + N
Open Project - Open an existing project file. - CTRL + O
Open Recent - Open a recently use project.
Save Project - Save the current project to file. - CTRL + S
Save Project As - Save the current project with a new name.
Save Kit - Save the current kit to file.
Load kit - Load an existing kit file.
Import Pattern - Import a pattern file.
Import Midi- Import a midi file.
Export To Wav - Export a pattern or song list to a wav file.
Export Midi - Export a pattern or song list to a midi file.
Exit - Exit DrumThrash.

·     Edit Menu
Undo - Undo the last move. - CTRL + Z
Redo - Redo last undo. - CTRL + Y
Add Measure - Add a measure to the current pattern. - CTRL + Oemplus
Delete Measure - Delete a measure from the current pattern. CTRL + Oeminus
Cut - Cut selected hits. - CTRL + X
Copy - Copy selected hits. - CTRL + C
Delete - Delete selected hits. - Del
Select All - Select all hits in current pattern. - CTRL + A
·    View Menu
Show Velocity Levels - Displays velocity levels for each hit.
Visual Hit Length - Display a visual representation of the actual length of a hit.
Transport Panel - Opens the Transport panel.

·     Action Menu 
Play - Starts the playback of the current pattern or song. - Space bar
Stop - Stops the playback of the current pattern or song. - Space bar
Loop Song - Enables or disables looping of the song list. - CTRL + T
Follow - Automatically scrolls the event panel. - [F]

·    Tools Menu
Hit Tool - Used for adding a hit. - [H]
Velocity Tool - Toggles between constant and variable hit velocity. - [V]
Pan Tool - Used for adjusting hit pan. - [P]
Nudge Tool - Used for moving a hit. - [N]
Eraser Tool - Used for erasing a hit. - [E]
Length Tool - Used to adjust the playback length of sample. - [L]
Selection Tool - Used for selecting hits. - [S]
Snap To Grid - Aligns the hit to the divider lines. - CTRL + G
Variable Hit - Toggles between Variable/Constant Hit velocity. - CTRL + H
Global Volume - Opens the Global Volume panel. - CTRL + M
Sound Device- Opens the Sound device dialog.
Startup Options - Opens the Startup Options dialog.

·    Help Menu 
Help Guide - Opens this help guide. - F1
Quick Start - Opens the Quick Start dialog. - CTRL + Q
Reset Toolbars - Resets the toolbars to there default location.
Website - Opens the DrumThrash website.
Check for Updates - Checks for app updates.
Install License - Opens the Install DrumThrash License dialog.
About - Opens the About dialog.