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DrumThrash's internal clock is 960 ppqn. Every Quarter Note = 960 ticks.

ppqn chart

The chart above shows that every quarter note has 960 ticks and every measure has 3840 ticks.

What is quantizing?
In short quantizing aligns all hits or selected hits to the nearest division line.

DrumThrash also provides a few tools in the Quantize toolbar that can help you humanize your beats.

Quantize toolbar

graphicSnap to Grid -
When Snap to Grid is enabled clicked notes will always align to the nearest division to the left. When snap to Grid is disabled the note will be placed where you clicked.

Current division - Sets the current displayed division.
Current division dropdown menu

To set a division not displayed in the Current Division dropdown "See" Custom division

To Save and manage quantize user presets "See" Quantize User presets


Quantize strength
The percentage in which hits will be pulled to the nearest division line.
Setting the quantize strength to 100% will cause hits to be placed absolute on the division line. If the strength is set at 50% the hit will be pulled absolute on the division line and then be pushed back 50% from its original starting point.

Random ticks

Random ticks works similar to strength. The hits will be pulled to the nearest division line upon quantizing and then be pushed away either direction randomly between zero and the tick amount set. 


When Swing is enabled the Swing amount box is shown.
Swing is only available for straight divisions.

Quantize Threshold

The Quantize Threshold helps to ensure that quantizing does not cause hits to be placed on undesired divisions.

When the threshold has been exceeded the quantize button will change to an amber color and display a flag.

To correct the values to meet the threshold you can.
·           Reduce divisions.
·           Increase Quantize Strength.
·           Reduce Random ticks.
·          Reduce Swing amount.

Understanding The Threshold

Consider the following settings
·           Straight 1/64th
·           Quantize Strength = 100%
·           Random Ticks = 0
·           Swing = none

A straight 64th division has 60 ticks between divisions.

If a note is on tick 30 "half way" the hit will be quantized to tick 0. That's 30 ticks away.            
graphic    graphic

However if the hit is on tick 31 the hit will quantized to 60. That would be 29 ticks away.
graphic  graphic

So the safe threshold for a straight 64th 100% strength and no swing is 29 Random ticks.

Our new settings would be
·           Straight 1/64th
·           Quantize Strength = 100%
·           Random Ticks = 29
·           Swing = none

The important thing to note is the Random ticks set at 29. After quantizing to either tick 0 or tick 60 the hit would not be pushed any further than 29 ticks from the division.

Quantize strength, Random ticks, and Swing are all calculated into the quantize threshold.