Toolbar Layout
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Toolbar Layout

File Toolbar

New Project - Opens the New Project dialog. - CTRL + N
Open Project - Open an existing project file. - CTRL + O
Save Project - Save the current project to file. - CTRL + S
Save Kit - Save the current kit to file.
Load kit - Load an existing kit file.
Export To Wav - Export the current project to a wav file.

View Toolbar

Visual Hit Length - Displays the visual representation of the actual length of a hit.
Brightness - Opens the brightness dropdown menu.
Vertical Line Brightness - adjusts the brightness of vertical division lines in the Event panel.
Vertical Line Brightness2 - adjusts the brightness of vertical subdivision lines in the Event panel.
Horizontal Line Brightness - Adjusts the horizontal line brightness in the Event panel.
Back Brightness - Adjusts the back color of the Event panel.
Use Bright Divisions - Makes vertical lines brighter.
Show/Hide Hit Velocity - Displays velocity levels for each hit in the Event panel.
Transport panel - Opens the Transport panel.

Edit Toolbar

Undo - Undo the last move. - CTRL + Z
Redo - Redo last undo. - CTRL + Y
Add Measure - Add a measure to current pattern. - CTRL + A
Delete Measure - Delete a measure from current pattern. - CTRL + D

Action Toolbar

Play - Starts the playback of the current pattern or song. - Space bar
Stop - Stops the playback of the current pattern or song. - Space bar
Loop Song - Enables or disables looping of the song list. - CTRL + T
Follow Settings - Opens the follow settings dropdown menu.

Follow Screen- Automatically scrolls the Event panel during playback. - [F]
Follow Screen - The Event panel will auto scroll when playback reaches the last visible measure on the screen.
Follow Measure - The Event panel will auto scroll every measure.
Tools Toolbar

Variable Hit -Toggles between Variable/Constant Hit velocity - CTRL + H
Hit Tool - Used for adding a hit. - [H]
Velocity Tool - Used for adjusting hit velocity. - [V]
Pan Tool - Used for adjusting hit pan. - [P]
Nudge Tool - Used for moving a hit. - [N]
Eraser Tool - Used for erasing a hit. - [E]
Length Tool - Used to adjust the playback length of sample. - [L]
Selection Tool - Used for selecting hits. - [S]

Quantize Toolbar

Snap To Grid - Aligns the hits to the divider lines. - CTRL + G
Division- Sets the division for current project.
Quantize Strength - Percentage that hits will be quantized towards a division.
Random Tick - The random tick amount away from quantization.
Swing - Enables/Disables swing.
Swing Amount - Percentage of swing.