Transport panel
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Transport panel

The Transport panel is a visual representation of the current pattern and used to navigate through a pattern.

The Transport panel also functions similar to the Time ruler. "See" Time ruler

Transport Panel

Left to right
Play - "Spacebar".
Playback measure - The current measure that is selected or playing.
Stop - "Spacebar".
Pattern Name - The current pattern name.
Measure Count - The current pattern measure count.
Follow Transpose panel "checkbox" - Auto scrolls the Transport panel.
Zoom Slider - zooms the Transport panel.

The current measure highlight shows the current active measure.

Left-clicking on any measure number in the lower black area will cause playback to jump to that measure.


To loop a measure move your mouse to the upper portion of the Time ruler in the Loop bar. Your cursor will change to a loop cursor graphic. Left-click to loop a measure.

To loop multiple measures left-click and drag over the measures you want to loop.
Right-click anywhere from the Loop bar down to switch between looping all or clearing all looped measures.

The Time ruler can also be used to navigate through a pattern. "See" Time ruler